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▋ About Us


Hi there! I'm the founder of  The Alter, Lynn!
And I'm from a small city in Taiwan, Yi-lan.

During my Uni life, I spent my time either in the cosmestic lab experienting or in the juvenile 
rehabitation institution helping the teens.

After graduation, I kept on my master studies in the Laboratory Medicine and Biotechnology
Department. Time flies, and I'd been in the lab
playground for 15 years!

More than ten years in the cosmestic field, I've
been developing and researching.

I started The Alter with the intention of helping my grandma. 

Since my grandma found nothing is moisturizing for her dehydrated skin, even a thick cream or
lotion can not nourish her face. 

As a cosmestic expert, I have the responsiblity to solve her problem!


▍  The Alter's Minimalism Theory

This is where I started: oil!

To satisfied my grandma, this oil must be really moisturizing, and has a charming scent, last but not least, it must be absorb quickly and deeply
nourishes the skin.

After great efforts of researching and adjusting,
finally, I made the product that satisfied her, and it does provides deep moisture unlike the lotion which only boost some moisture level on the
surface of the skin.

Then it strikes me: my grandma likes it, why not let others to try?

▍The Born of The Alter

That is how "The Alter" was born. To start with, I chose Neroli Essence Oil as my first released

Since it was where it begins, and symbolizes our belief--Altruism.

Having faith in Altruism, we insist on making
minimalism skincare, to benefit more and more people by spreading our minimalism skincare

Skincare can be simple, within two steps--​
one water-based and one oil-based product!

Check out our products to learn more about us!

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